January 28, 2020, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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Eric MacDonald, Youngstown State University, USA, will talk about 3D Printing of Multi-Functional Structures at the 3D Printing Electronics Conference on January 28. His presentation will review work in multi-process 3D printing for creating structures with consumer-specific wearable electronics, electromechanical actuation, electromagnetics, propulsion and embedded sensors in soft tooling and even in metal and ceramic structures.

Eric says: I am working with the US National Football League (NFL) to 3D print next-generation football helmets. We are working to tailor the dynamic mechanical response of football helmets with complex geometries, like spatially varying lattices. Embedding sensors into these 3D-printing-enhanced structures will be the next step to provide real-time data on potential injuries. Having the sensors directly inform the behavior of the mechanical structure will be the holy grail. Read more about his presentation

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