Welcome to the Plastic Health Summit of 2021

After a year which has effected all of us, we’re pleased to welcome you back – live from Amsterdam and online worldwide!

This year, it’s all about One Health. At the Plastic Soup Foundation we firmly believe that environmental health and human health are inextricably linked.

We find ourselves at a critical moment in time. It is hard to imagine a world without plastic. In fact, it is almost unavoidable; we eat, drink and breathe micro- and nanoplastics – and their harmful chemical additives – every single day. What is that doing to our health?

Speakers from all parts of the world will present groundbreaking science about the status of our exposure, as well as compelling stories on environmental justice and plastics up close and personal. We will introduce you to some of our heroes, the next generation, with promising solutions to the problem. They show us that NOW is the time for action.

The Plastic Health Summit focuses exclusively on how the presence of microplastics and chemical additives in the environment is affecting our health. In this unprecedented event, we are bringing together all stakeholders involved, from scientists and policymakers to politicians, citizens, influencers, NGOs, industry and innovators to collaboratively work towards a Healthy Future for All.

We are facing the plastic health challenge head-on. What is at stake could not be more important: the health of our planet, our health, and the next generation’s health.

Plastic Health Summit 2019
Speakers and visitors agree: the Plastic Health Summit 2019 was a huge success. With 36 speakers from 14 different countries at the first-ever global Plastic Health Summit, we were able to reach over 400 million people worldwide, through online broadcasting and articles in newspapers and magazines.  Watch all the talks from last edition here.