Join the National Hackathon Circular Economy 2023! Do you want to use your talent for the circular society? Develop new ‘green’ ideas and put them on the map? And help build your own sustainable future? Then this is your chance!

From January 30 to February 3, students at various locations in the Netherlands will come together to find solutions to social issues surrounding circularity. This year the central issue is: What are circular opportunities for reducing and/or separate collection of public waste at railway stations?

Do you have an idea how NS and ProRail can accelerate their path to waste-free stations? So that less waste is created, or what waste there is can be better separated and the waste can serve high value as new raw materials. What resources do we need for this? And how do we bring travellers and other stakeholders such as cleaning parties into this? Perhaps you are betting on a different way of separating waste, or on awareness and behavioural change?

This is your chance to share your sustainable ideas with the people around you. During the hackathon you will learn how to define and challenge your idea. You will learn how to collaborate with people from other disciplines and bring together different perspectives, and what impact you can have on our society.

You will join workshops from experts to get you started and work with a group of students who, like you, want to make a real impact by contributing to practice. I am very proud that this hackathon, initiated by Bas van den Berg and myself (= Kim Poldner) in collaboration with Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat will be organised for the third time by our amazing colleagues Dianne de Fijter and danielle twardy-duisters!

Do you want to join? Sign up before December 23!